Embracing Change for a Better World

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Embracing Change for a Better World

By Jyoti Chopra, Head of Global Citizenship and Sustainability

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"We are turning today’s difficult issues into tomorrow’s game-changing opportunities." - @BNYMellon's Jyoti Chopra http://bit.ly/2txX1Dm
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 8:45am

For more than 230 years BNY Mellon has been innovating and evolving for the future, staying ahead of the trends shaping our world and leveraging them for the benefit of our company and our stakeholders.

A vital aspect of my role at BNY Mellon is monitoring global trends, anticipating societal changes and finding new ways to make positive impacts in a constantly changing environment. In 2016, I watched the world undergo substantial economic, societal and political shifts. To name a few, I saw geopolitical changes in global markets, growing attention to cybersecurity as technological advancements accelerated and greater urgency around global climate action as impacts continued to take effect.

Trends like these create great challenges – and great opportunities. It is my opinion that the prospects for finding solutions to world challenges have never been better.

Advancing technology has its risks, but it is also enabling people to raise awareness of issues and collaborate on solutions at astonishing speeds. Climate change concerns are spurring incredible innovations in clean energy and driving new opportunities for investors. A reinvigorated focus on achieving gender equality is spurring fresh policy conversations and inspiring new opportunities to invest in the advancement of women across the globe.

I am heartened by the work being done and hopeful for the future of our world. And I am proud that BNY Mellon is leading the way.

We serve a critical role in supporting and stewarding a vibrant, safe, and sound global financial system, and can help mobilize capital to solve big challenges. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is grounded in the intersections between the most pressing global issues and the value our company can bring, and we set strong, measurable goals to drive greater impact.

We are turning today’s difficult issues into tomorrow’s game-changing opportunities for our company and for society. We are invested in improving lives around the world. 

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