Five Inspirational Companies to Watch in 2017

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Five Inspirational Companies to Watch in 2017

By Liz Bardetti
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These five companies are "ones to watch" in #philanthropy in 2017 via @CSRwire #CSR
Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 12:30pm


Corporate philanthropy is focused on heart and luckily, more companies are finding ways to incorporate giving and heart into their own business practices. Employees want to give back and participate in the community, candidates watch potential employers closely when considering applications and consumers are as vigilant on cause work as ever. In a world of turmoil and tragedy, we need those who can provide solace and support to step up and use their talent and position to inspire others. We’re happy to say we know quite a few companies doing their part. Here are few inspirational companies doing their part to give back to the community, their employees and the world.

AT&T Employees #SpreadTheCheer
What would you do if you had $1,000 to brighten someone’s day? The telecommunications company asked their employees this question one holiday season and the results have been absolutely breathtaking. What started as a holiday philanthropy campaign has become an ongoing philanthropy effort, guided by the employees themselves. Most recently, Kelly Chrietzberg purchased school supplies for parents in her community, but the #SpreadTheCheer campaign has funded causes like bringing a soldier home for the holidays to supporting an area animal shelter.

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