Four Predictions for Social Impact in 2013

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Four Predictions for Social Impact in 2013

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Monday, January 7, 2013 - 10:15am

Here at Cone Communications, we're constantly keeping our eye on what's new and innovative so we can keep you informed of the need-to-know insights. When our own Alison DaSilva looked back at 2012 in a recent* article, she found five growing trends and their implications for the future, while Cone's Craig Bida revealed 2013 "anti-trends" in Media Post's Marketing:causes. To ring in the New Year, we're excited to bring you a guest post from Jillian Wilson-Martin of Cone Communications' Social Impact practice. What's in store for 2013? Here's what Jillian's crystal ball has to say.

Giving will get personal – literally. New charitable giving and payment processing tools are changing how and to whom we give. Fans can crowdfund the costs of filming their favorite independent movies on Indiegogo, family members can ease the burden of their loved one's out-of-pocket medical expenses on GiveForward, and I send money directly to the poor through GiveDirectly. While groundbreaking, these platforms do raise questions about efficiency and impact – can we trust the people asking for our donations, or are they just "moochers exploiting the generosity of the online community?"

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