G&A Invites You: Master Class Refresher & G4 Update Webinar with GRI Focal Point USA

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G&A Invites You: Master Class Refresher & G4 Update Webinar with GRI Focal Point USA

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G&A Invites You: Master Class Refresher & G4 Update Webinar with GRI Focal Point USA http://3bl.me/e4mhx9
Monday, May 6, 2013 - 10:00am

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G&A Institute in Collaboration with Global Reporting Initiative Focal Point USA Invites You to a Very Important Webinar in May:

GRI Master Class 1 - Refresher Course & G4 Update Webinar
Wednesday May 15, 2013


Dear all,

G&A Institute in collaboration with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Focal Point USA would like to invite you to a webinar on 15 May, from noon – 2.30pm EST.

This webinar will feature “Master Class 1 – Refresher Course & G4 Update” and will feature perspectives from Evan Harvey from NASDAQ OMX, and trainers from Lead Canada and Sustainalytics.

In this session, you will be able to learn how the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework can help you focus your approach to sustainability performance measurement and management.

GRI experts will explain how GRI’s principles for content (materiality, inclusiveness, sustainability context and completeness) lead to a report on sustainability impacts that matter most.

You will also find out how G4 has been revised based on US feedback and learn which parts have remained untouched.   

G4 Campaign
GRI’s Focal Point USA is very excited about the North American participation in GRI’s Global Conference – already 140 people have registered from the USA and Canada so far. Next to facilitating the North American Delegation to our Conference in Amsterdam from 21 – 24 May, they are organizing a G4 Campaign in both Canada and the USA. Each event of this Campaign will be unique due to support from a GRI Certified Training Partner, one or more of Sector Leaders and a G4 Campaign Sponsor. By truly engaging the network for these events, thee Masterclasses will be interactive and addressing GRI’s Sustainability Framework from different angles.

Master Class 2 & 3
After the Global Conference (22-24 May in Amsterdam), the following GRI Master Classes will be organized as part of the G4 Campaign:

Master Class 2 – G4 Download
Learn about the freshly released G4 Guidelines for the first time! Experts will explain GRI’s new guidance for governance and remuneration; value chain and boundary; management approach and materiality; levels of application and  explain why and which new disclosures have been created for GHG, anti-corruption and supply chain reporting. You will hear how G4’s renewed focus on materiality will impact your reporting and how GRI’s inventory of disclosures can be used to create a report that is truly tailored to your organization.

Master Class 3 – G4 Applied to the US/Canadian context
Learn how GRI’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Framework can be applied taking into account the North American legal and regulatory context. GRI experts will explain how GRI principles and GRI disclosures can be interpreted to maximize your organization’s transparency. 

What you should know about the Master Classes:

  1. Each Master Class lasts 2 hours and is a collaboration between GRI and multiple organizations in GRI’s network.
  2. Participants will receive an acknowledgement after completing all three.
  3. Master Class 2 and 3 will be offered together.
  4. The Master Class will be recorded.
  5. GRI charges for the Master Classes:

For Master Class 1

$150 (non-affiliated to GRI)
$75 (Organizational Stakeholders)
FREE (Sector Leaders, G4 Campaign Sponsors)

CLICK HERE to Register for the Virtual Master Class 1

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CONTENT: Press Release