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Go Batty Over Bat Conservation

It's #BatWeek!

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With 10 bat houses at our complex, @FiatChrysler_NA #savesthebats & not just during #Halloween: http://bit.ly/2eOlN9S #BatWeek
Friday, October 28, 2016 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: Environmental and Social Responsibility


It may come as a surprise, but we go batty over bats at our Auburn Hills Complex – and it’s not just during Halloween. Scattered across the grounds are 10 bat houses with each having the potential to shelter 100 - 300 bats and their young that need nurturing.

“Bats are more than the scary creatures of the night that we all portray them to be,” said Rob Mies, Organization for Bat Conservation Executive Director and Founder. “Our furry, flighted friends have quite a lot of positive effects on the world – from the billions of dollars they save us in pesticides to natural pollination and seed spreading – but they’re battling extinction around the world as they’re being forced from their homes.”

Over the past three years, FCA US has supported bat conservation efforts across our 504-acre wetlands site that sits roughly 30 miles north of Detroit. Our employees build or donate bat houses and install them in ideal bat habitat areas.

“When the Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center was first built, a master plan was developed to ensure the preservation of the natural environment where the complex is located,” said David Jump, environmental specialist at FCA US. “The bat houses project is aligned with that plan, and is one of several that our team is working on to provide food, water, cover and shelter for all the wildlife here.”

The project also supports Wildlife at Work certification granted to the Auburn Hills Complex by the Wildlife Habitat Council. The Wildlife at Work program provides a structure for corporate-driven cooperative efforts between management, employees and community members to create, conserve and restore wildlife habitats on corporate lands.

If you want to go “batty” like we have, we encourage you to visit the Organization for Bat Conservation site for resources on bats and do what you can to help bats thrive.

Additional information and news from Chrysler Group LLC is available at: http://www.media.chrysler.com

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