Health Sector is Top Performer for Brands in US - Data from SPONSORIUM Report

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Health Sector is Top Performer for Brands in US - Data from SPONSORIUM Report

SPONSORIUM Report Reveals How Well Philanthropy Meets with Brand Objectives
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.@SPONSORIUM Report is actual #csr #sponsorship #data that reveals Health & Environment are top performing sectors

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US Community Investment Popularity by Sector

US Performance Grid for Community Investment by Sector

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 11:00am

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The latest SPONSORIUM Report, which is an analysis of the actual data that brands around the world have recorded as it relates to their Community Investment and CSR activities, reveals unique industry insights.

The first chart included here shows (based on over 3,000 actual brand supported CSR initiatives in the US) that activities centered on Education and Youth are most popular as measured by the amount of records created by brands in their own cloud-based tracking tool. Next most active Sectors are Community Events and Health organizations.

The second graph is a unique Performance Grid that shows both how well causes met with brand objectives, and at the same time how cost efficient these causes were (based on nearly 2,000 actual brand supported CSR initiatives priced under $500,000 in the US during 2012). Activities centered on Environment and Health scored highest against brand objectives, while those focused on Disabled persons/groups and Health were most budget friendly.

Source: The SPONSORIUM Report – February 2013 Edition,


SPONSORIUM provides Sponsorship and Community Investment Management systems to brands in more than 35 countries. The PerforMind™ platform allows corporations to efficiently and consistently evaluate, manage and report on upcoming and current partnerships. SPONSORIUM empowers industry professionals to dedicate their time to improving partnerships and enriching communities through value-added tasks, not clerical work.

SPONSORIUM is independent from consulting. It is privately funded, product-oriented and focuses on knowledge transfer. SPONSORIUM has invested more than any other in research and development and offers the ultimate online management solution for engaging in sponsorship and corporate citizenship. Its PerforMind™ tool is constantly evolving as result of suggestions brought up by its elite network of users from around the world.


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CONTENT: Multimedia with summary