Helping Public-Private Partnerships Reach Their Full Potential

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Helping Public-Private Partnerships Reach Their Full Potential

By Eileen Howard Boone
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Things to keep in mind when thinking about the best ways to examine & measure the ROI in partnerships via @CSRwire

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Friday, December 16, 2016 - 12:30pm


Companies partner with nonprofit organizations every day, but how closely are they measuring the outcomes of these partnerships? Are companies holding their partners accountable and setting goals that will help define success? Are these partnerships bringing value and really making a difference? The impact of partnerships can be measured in a number of ways.

Measurement is essential to the relationships we establish in the community and has helped us create long-lasting partnerships that have tackled some of the most pressing health care issues facing our society today, including access to affordable care, cancer research and tobacco control. And while it can be challenging to figure out how to quantify and qualify results, the assessments should include both the connection to the business purpose and the social impact generated. 

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Eileen Howard Boone is Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy for CVS Health, and President of the CVS Health Foundation. Howard Boone also serves as an officer of the CVS Health Employee Relief Fund and CVS Health Charity Classic.