Hospitals 'Going Green'

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Hospitals 'Going Green'

Healthcare settings are increasing methods of sustainability
Friday, April 22, 2016 - 2:50pm

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Products and purchasing decisions can further impact a facility's effectiveness in arriving at sustainability. According to, a full 79% of U.S. healthcare providers agree that it makes financial sense to choose sustainable options, with 67% reporting strong backing from top hospital management for their green initiatives.3 

"I think at the highest level in healthcare, there are many initiatives designed to improve operational impacts and institute environmental purchasing policies. Looking at procuring products from office supplies to energy-efficient products and less toxic products, reducing negative human health and environmental impact are key drivers and valued in hospitals embracing sustainability," commented Nicole Koharik, global sustainability marketing director at GOJO Industries, a manufacturer of hand hygiene and skin care products. "We see a lot of activity and interest in better chemical space and products."

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