How Much Can You Save With An Employee Engagement Solution?

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How Much Can You Save With An Employee Engagement Solution?

Up to $1.3 M in five years! Find out how...
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Save up to $1.3 M in 5 years using MicroEdge's AngelPoints Volunteering. Find out how
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 4:55pm

The AngelPoints Volunteering software solution saves clients significant amounts of money each year. It helps you streamline your employee volunteer management and coordination, develop better data tracking and analysis, retain top employees for longer, and more. And the savings you receive from those areas compound year over year. The return on your investment is substantial! That's why so many of the world's corporations choose AngelPoints to manage their employee volunteer programs. Check out the infographic to learn more.

See the potential return on your investment!

Not only does AngelPoints help you streamline your employee volunteer program and make a greater difference in the community, it helps you save.

- $350,000 savings in Employee Retention

- $375,000 savings in Employee Development

- $620,000 savings in Reporting & Data Analysis

...and that's not all.  Find out details and more information.

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