An Interview with Former Navy SEAL and Discovery Channel Star Joel Lambert

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An Interview with Former Navy SEAL and Discovery Channel Star Joel Lambert

Joel Responds to Questions Asked by the Child He Sponsors Through Children International

On his own: In “Lone Target,” a Discovery Channel series, star Joel Lambert tries to outrun a military or law enforcement unit in each episode. Photo credit: Bob Parr.

Joel and John enjoyed spending the day together during one of Joel’s recent trips to the Philippines. ©2015 Children International

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An interview with former Navy SEAL and star of @Discovery's #LoneTarget and #Manhunt @Joel5326
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 9:10am

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A Conversation with Joel and John

By Jimmy Mack

You may have seen former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert as he works to evade some of the world’s best military and law enforcement tracking teams on Discovery Channel’s “Lone Target” (aka “Manhunt”). But did you know that he is also an advocate and supporter of Children International? Joel has traveled all over the world and witnessed real poverty firsthand, but after visiting the Philippines and seeing CI staff and programs in action, he believes there is hope for change. Joel has sponsored John, a 15-year-old youth in the Philippines, for more than four years. John had some questions for Joel about being a sponsor, and Joel was more than happy to respond:

Check out Joel's responses to John's questions on Children International's website!

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