Invested in Change: BNY Mellon Highlights Notable Corporate Social Responsibility Achievements

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Invested in Change: BNY Mellon Highlights Notable Corporate Social Responsibility Achievements

10th annual report demonstrates progress toward 2020 CSR goals

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Investing in change turns challenges into opportunities. Learn how BNY Mellon makes it happen through CSR efforts.
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 2:00pm

In BNY Mellon’s 233-year history, change has been a constant. Inspired by bold ideas and a legacy of innovation, employees working in 35 countries and more than 100 markets collaborate with stakeholders to help create a sustainable world where people can succeed and economies can thrive.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is crucial to how the company fulfills its role as a major global financial institution. Strong CSR performance enables BNY Mellon to power global investments and growth, deliver exceptional value for clients and stakeholders, and innovate for a better world. In 2016, the company embraced five global trends that were changing the world, such as shifting global markets, gender equality and climate change, and saw opportunities to contribute solutions to challenges.

“Organizations today face a stiff sustainability test,” says Gerald Hassell, BNY Mellon Chairman and CEO. “In virtually every industry, constituents’ attitudes and beliefs are changing rapidly, technology is redefining what is possible and companies are being forced to reimagine their business models for the future. We’re invested in change to respond to these challenges and opportunities.”

Last year, BNY Mellon announced a set of ambitious CSR goals for 2016-2020, and progress is largely on track with key accomplishments in the areas of Risk and Reliability, Engagement and Wellbeing and Environmental Management.

BNY Mellon’s 2016 CSR Report highlights the following achievements:

Learn more about how BNY Mellon is improving lives through investing by exploring the 2016 CSR Report.

1 Community support includes donations, grants and charitable sponsorships made by BNY Mellon and employee donations to charities that qualify for the company’s matching program.

2 For Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions including data centers, as well as Scope 3 business travel emissions.

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