LinkedIn Is About To Revolutionize The Way We Volunteer

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LinkedIn Is About To Revolutionize The Way We Volunteer

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We believe LinkedIn is going to change the way we volunteer mobilize a lot more of us - via @RealizedWorth


Join us in supporting LinkedIn's effort to make volunteering a normal and expected element of a well-rounded resume. Click here to add your volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile and join the revolution!

Friday, February 24, 2012 - 9:57am


Two weeks ago, the RW team had the opportunity to meet with Meg Garlinghouse, Head of Employee Branding and Community at LinkedIn. We sipped coconut water and heard first hand about LinkedIn’s new initiative—LinkedIn for Good.  

We all know LinkedIn to be in the business of connecting talent with opportunity.  Now, they are expanding their mission to include the non-profit sector.  In the fall of last year, LinkedIn added a Volunteer Experience & Causes field to the LinkedIn Profile.  Members can now share volunteer experiences, causes they care about and organizations they support with their professional networks. Through this initiative, LinkedIn is putting a stake in the ground that volunteerism can and should be a part of everyone's professional brand, and they are passionately trying to get the word out. 

Today's Employers are on a Search for Character

Why?  For starters, volunteering is good for your career!  In today’s uber-competive job market, employers increasingly look for evidence of volunteering to differentiate top candidates.  New research from LinkedIn shows that one out of every five hiring managers in the U.S. agree they have hired a candidate because of their volunteer work experience.  Employers know that successful people are often invested in causes that extend beyond themselves, and they are also looking for candidates with character.  Evidence of volunteering not only allows you to showcase certain talents and experiences, it also reveals compassion and commitment. (Read more on the LinkedIn Blog)
Today's Professionals are Ready to Make a Difference

Secondly, this initiative carries incredible potential to support nonprofits around the globe by connecting millions of talented people to their causes. Did you know the #1 reason people support a cause is because of a recommendation from a trusted connection? Through the 
Volunteer Experience & Causes section, you can now share with your professional network the meaningful volunteer work you do, which creates awareness about your favorite causes and inspires new supporters.  Additionally, non-profits gain an easy way to find who their supporters are, who they are connected to, and what professional skills and experiences they have. 

Since we at Realized Worth believe in the power of volunteering to transform individuals and communities, it’s no surprise that we are big fans of LinkedIn’s new direction.  Think about it - what would the world look like if active volunteering was a normal and expected part of a well-rounded resume? 

Revolutionizing How we Volunteer

But here is the real game changer – we believe LinkedIn  is going to change the way we volunteer and mobilize a lot more of us into doing it.  As Meg told us, “we have a vision of creating a marketplace that connects our members’ skills, knowledge and experience with skill based volunteer opportunities.” So imagine waking up in the morning and having a list of volunteer opportunities in your area that are tailored to your unique background, skills, and interests.  

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