Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Corporate Grant Programs

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Corporate Grant Programs

By Andy Cummings, Director of Client Solutions
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The future of grant making has arrived

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Friday, January 29, 2016 - 9:00am

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How impactful are your grant dollars?

If you’re the one tasked with managing your company’s grant programs, you no doubt realize how arduous it can be, especially if you haven’t implemented a system that can streamline the process. For companies that give in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars, or that have several grantees, managing the programs and measuring their effectiveness is a monumental undertaking—and that’s if you are able to gain an accurate assessment across all your charts, spreadsheets, Word docs and databases. Luckily, with today’s modern technology, we now have the ability to manage all aspects of our grant-giving, including the ability to measure effectiveness, right at our fingertips.

Factors to consider

To any corporation, the ultimate measurement of success is the bottom line. But how do you measure philanthropic efforts and justify the spend of your grant-making programs? In the non-profit world, impact and social benefit are the key aspects of whether a program is serving the audience for which it’s intended.

And while non-profit, grantee organizations may have tangible or relatable evidence of the effectiveness of their programs, what does your company use as a metric to ensure that your grant dollars are having the impact that’s intended? Without a robust solution, you have probably found yourself soliciting data from your grantees or simply relying on them to carry out their missions.

We’ve changed all that

With our impact reporting module, one of the advanced components of our Philanthropy Management solution, you’ll have the ability to track the impact of your corporate giving programs with actual data.

This feature allows you to automatically request mid-cycle and post-grant follow up information, to find out how and where your grant was used, what impact it had on the community and much more.

How many families were served? What number of meals were provided? Specific data can be automatically requested including quotes, stories, photos, expenditures and more—and once you have all the information, you can share it seamlessly with your colleagues, management and constituents. The entire process is automatic, which makes measuring the effectiveness of your grant giving effortless.

The future of grant making has arrived

If you’ve been hesitant to make the switch  to a grant management solution, take a moment to reflect on all the benefits it presents including measuring the effectiveness of your giving, which could have a large impact on where your dollars will go next.

Today’s corporations now have the ability to manage all aspects of their grant programs online, easily, seamlessly and accurately. Call us today to learn more about how we can customize a solution for you.