Meet 4 SCA Fellows Helping Us Bring Stewardship to Life

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Meet 4 SCA Fellows Helping Us Bring Stewardship to Life

Nestlé is partnering with Student Conservation Association for the #NestleCares Day of Volunteering and these fellows are making it happen

Kevin Borja, San Diego, CA.

Ally Ratliff, Ohio

John Goodrick

Hayden Sloan

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.@NestleUSA is partnering with @the_sca for #NestleCares Day of #Volunteering and these fellows are making it happen
Monday, July 31, 2017 - 8:15am

CAMPAIGN: Nestlé in the U.S.: Healthy Planet


On August 10, we’re celebrating #NestléCares: a national day of volunteering with thousands of volunteers in Nestlé’s 120 U.S. hometowns. Nestlé and the Student Conservation Association are teaming up, to promote water stewardship, sustainability, and environmental conservation with 9 flagship events supported by these four inspiring SCA community engagement fellows:

Kevin Borja: Urban Designer on Randall’s Island wetlands

Coming from a background in urban design, Kevin understands the impact of ecologically-friendly design buildings on the environment. Kevin is blogging about sustainability in New York; behind the glitz and glamour, a metropolitan city working to reduce its carbon footprint and exploring emerging green technologies.

Read about Kevin’s contribution and experience with NYC Parks and Recreation, and Randall’s Island Park Alliance:

In New York, SCA & Nestlé volunteers will be working on a collection of conservation projects on Randall’s Island; restoring wetlands and removing invasive plant species.

Ally Ratliff: An Outdoor Adventurer Restoring Trails

With her background in Environment Science, and her eagerness to protect natural lands, she instinctively wanted to be a part of conservation efforts. She’s worked across the country from rebuilding trail paths in New Hampshire to restoring prairie in Indiana to supporting aquatic ecosystems in Alaska and New York.

Ally is blogging about her contribution and adventures across the U.S with the Student Conservation Association (SCA), connecting communities with Mother Nature.

In Ohio, SCA & Nestlé volunteers will be traveling to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, to help restore the park’s extensive 125-mile trail network.

John Goodrick: A Steel City Native Improving Parks around the U.S.

John brings his restoration experience from spending summers with SCA in the woods, to the streets of Washington DC, where he continues to foster the rugged and adventurous world of conservation. He’s learned how to foster a sense of adventure in whatever you do, whether it’s living off the grid in the Olympic National Park or working with partners to pull off a successful volunteer event.

John is blogging about his experience as a national crew leader in the Olympic National Park, and his passion to emphasize the importance of conservation in everyday life.

In St. Louis, Missouri and Oakland, California, SCA & Nestlé volunteers will help improve the parks of the Gateway Arch and the Sausal Creek River Basin.

Hayden Sloan: Aspiring Mermaid to Park Beautifier

Hayden is living her best life: advocating for the environment, and spreading the word about conservation. She’s jumped into the conservation world with both feet with a job at the National Zoo and research papers on ocean and water issues. Hayden is an advocate for he connections between land and water conservation, that nothing is really separate.

Hayden is blogging about her adventurous experience with sea turtles’ conservation in Costa Rica, her environmental studies, and her dive into ocean conservation career.

SCA & Nestlé volunteers will be doing park beautification, invasive species removal, and coastal cleanups.

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CAMPAIGN: Nestlé in the U.S.: Healthy Planet