Meet Hülya Bal from Turkey

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Meet Hülya Bal from Turkey

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 10:00am

CAMPAIGN: Amgen Teach


School: Gölbaşi Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

Subject and Grade Taught: Biology, K9-K12

Years Teaching: 24

Years in Amgen Teach Community: 3

Participation in Amgen Teach Programme: Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab (Friday 3rd of June (starting time: 19:30 CEST) to Sunday 5th of June (end time: 13:30 CEST)

"Generally speaking, inquiry based learning stands for the learning process in which not only facts are explained. Strengthened the argument based professional development training with Amgen Teach. University and provide the school cooperation with Amgen Teach. Amgen teach education science by strengthening the ability of secondary school teachers to use enquiry-based teaching strategies in their classrooms. We met our colleagues and we produce new projects.

My Amgen Teach students used the biology lab. The increased interest in laboratory studies. In particular, it was very useful to my students based on academic argument.

My students were given assignments on time prepare the project. Students learned research techniques. In Lessons of learning it has become easier and more enjoyable. My students are trying to prepare new projects. They can solve the problems they encounter in life by questioning. I think that affect students' professional choices.

I'm being more careful when preparing lesson plans. I'm trying to use the desktop version of the experiment. I'm making concept maps in class. İnquiry-based training course to tell very enjoyable.

I am preparing eTwinning projects, Scientix projects. I am interested in Future classroom Lab., Go-Lab., Creative classroom Lab. EU project preparation of the teachers in our country and I want to practice.

We create a team within the school and students. Teachers learning new teaching techniques are important for professional development. So students can develop in.

STEM education about the pilot began in Turkey. In-service teacher training for the ministry of education are organized. Teachers participate in the project supports training abroad. Inquiry-based education for the integration of the curriculum is still being investigated.

I already participated in a DLAI participated to DLA and I want to join the workshop in Brussels in June 2016. I received a certificate from this study (1st Amgen Teach DLA (webinar) (2014)…  the title Nanotechnology). I participated in this DLA but I did not join the workshop in Brussels. Amgen Teach Teacher Community Forum (2015), DLA activities.)"


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CAMPAIGN: Amgen Teach