The Most Important Fact About Your CSR

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The Most Important Fact About Your CSR

Storytelling in CSR Communications
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Not just the facts ... please! Storytelling in CSR communications #csr

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Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 12:20pm


Lately it's always the same story.

A client presents a list of a dozen message points, each of which is more necessary, invaluable, and non-negotiable than the one before it. Every last one absolutely has to make its way into a 60 second video spot.
As producers of cause marketing and CSR communications, we welcome corporations’ desire to divulge the details of their sustainability and CSR programs. What’s frustrating is when this new demand for corporate transparency clouds what should always remain transparent. Corporations and nonprofits alike seem to be forgetting the one thing about people that will always stay the same:
They don’t want to be bored to death.
Telling an effective and engaging story will always trump mere facts, figures and bullet points – regardless of their quantity or how praiseworthy they might be.  Whether you are communicating through video, via a website, or a PowerPoint presentation, within any medium, a story will help to enhance your message.

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Public Address System is a multimedia production company specializing in corporate social responsibility (CSR), cause marketing and public affairs communications. We work with corporate, non-profit, and government entities to heighten visibility, increase awareness and engage stakeholders by conceptualizing, producing and disseminating a range of media, from thirty second spots to web videos to long-form documentaries. Through executing hundreds of TV, social media and web-based projects, we have developed an expertise in translating values and social concerns into inventive media that entertains and informs.  Visit us at



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