NS Adopts Technology to Promote Safe Driving, Save Fuel

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NS Adopts Technology to Promote Safe Driving, Save Fuel

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 6:30am

CAMPAIGN: Norfolk Southern Corporation: Environmental Performance

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As owner of some 6,000 trucks, SUVs, and cars used in field operations across a sprawling 22-state system, Norfolk Southern ranks as a Top 100 commercial fleet. In 2015, the company piloted a test using telematics technology to enhance driver safety. NS saw improvements across a range of driving performance metrics, including benefits beyond safety – such as better fuel economy.

“The more cautious and conscientious you are driving at work, the more that cascades to safer driving when it’s your spouse or children in the vehicle with you,” said Mike Waits, system manager vehicle fleet administration. “When you’re talking about spending millions of dollars on fuel, even small reductions make an impact. In a sustainability sense, it’s not just reduced consumption, but reduced emissions, too.”

Learn more at: http://nssustainability.com/people/workplace.php