New CSRHub Bulk Extract Tool Simplifies CSR/ESG Analysis

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New CSRHub Bulk Extract Tool Simplifies CSR/ESG Analysis

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New @CSRHub #BulkExtract Tool Simplifies #CSR #ESG Analysis
Thursday, July 27, 2017 - 11:00am

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The team at CSRHub has just launched the new Bulk Extract Dashboard tool – a powerful Macro-enabled Excel template for quickly comparing large numbers of companies and CSR data.

Now professional subscribers can easily customize a CSRHub Dashboard with:

  • their own portfolio or list of companies,
  • 45 data element fields, and
  • time frame for analysis,

without having to know functions or formulas (we have automated this task).

Watch the video to see step by step how to use the new Bulk Extract tool here. 

What are the various uses for the CSRHub Dashboards? Watch our quick overview here.

For more information or to see CSRHub in action, please contact us

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CONTENT: Multimedia with summary