#NotMyType Recap: Exploring How We Talk about Diabetes with Novo Nordisk

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#NotMyType Recap: Exploring How We Talk about Diabetes with Novo Nordisk

Don’t Miss the Details of this LIVE Chat Debunking Myths About Diabetes
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#NotMyType Recap http://3bl.me/ww3zn6 All of the don’t-miss details w/ @NovoNordisk @kellyclose & @Doc__P debunking myths about #diabetes

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - 12:30pm

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On December 9th, the Novo Nordisk team and bloggers, Kelly Close and Phyllisa Deroze, joined us to discuss how we talk about diabetes. As the chat kicked off, our panelists and audience dove right into the conversation – sharing their own stories and experiences and pointing out commonalities. First, let’s meet the #NotMyType panelists:

#NotMyType Kelly Close here! Founder of #diabetes braintrust Close Concerns + patient education & advocacy nonprofit @diaTribeNews - @kellyclose (tweet)

Speaking on behalf of @NovoNordisk is Camilla Krogh Lauritzen, who heads up its R&D Patient Partnering unit #NotMyType - @3BLMedia (tweet)

hey @Doc__P ... this was an amazing video to get to know you EVEN better - thank you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=Gy5wvQS7dzE&app=desktop … #NotMyType Psyched 2chat soon  - @kellyclose (tweet)

As soon as the first #NotMyType tweets started streaming – our panelists were greeted by dozens of attendees who were ready to tackle the topic by sharing their stories and experiences. To get the group warmed up, we asked, “What kinds of misunderstanding have you experiences when you tell people that you have diabetes? #NotMyType”

A2: #NotMyType "You don't look like you have #diabetes" - @kellyclose (tweet)

A2: #NotMyType Misunderstanding = juices&berries can cure diabetes - @Doc__P (tweet)

Q2:  Diabetes?  Then you can't eat that!! #notmytype - @KarenBittrSweet (tweet)

#NotMyType-Q2-Where do I begin? "Can you eat that?" "Is that a pager?" "You're too young or not fat enough" "it's your fault" - @mindy_bartleson (tweet)

A2: As a type 2, one that I hear a lot is that the need for insulin means one has failed at managing diabetes.  Which is bogus. #notmytype - @mydiabeticheart (tweet)

Q2: Also, "my (insert random relative) had diabetes and (insert horrible thing here).  But they didn't take care of themself" #notmytype - @KarenBittrSweet (tweet)

An important part of the #NotMyType chat was busting the myths about diabetes and discussing the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes:

I'd rather people get the #diabetes facts right instead of repeating D myths. And by "people" I mean the public and the media #notmytype - @diabetesalish (tweet)

@3BLMedia Thx, @ work now but my  D myth-buster is: Your #diabetes is not my diabetes which is not your grandma's cat's diabetes #NotMyType - @verylightnosuga (tweet)

Makes me think of writing to the MythBusters show and have them do a show or 5 on #diabetes. - @diabetesalish (tweet)

A3: Clinically, #t1d & #t2d are v different + usually require different treatments, so differentiation medically is key #NotMyType - @kellyclose (tweet)

#NotMyType Q3- anddddd. I wish the diabetes community wasn't so divided and pointing fingers. United we stand, divided we fall- right? - @mindy_bartleson (tweet)

A3: #NotMyType After a certain point, it's not that important 2 me to distinguish. Because all Types need a cure - @Doc__P (tweet)

Type 1 or 2: This type of #diabetes is a consequence of individuals not taking ownership of their health #NotMyType [NEITHER - it's a MYTH!] -  @CSRwire (tweet)

And the chat also left some time to discuss how we all can improve the way we talk about diabetes:

A8b: Call us people w/ #diabetes, not always "patients" #NotMyType - @kellyclose (tweet)

#NotMyType Q8- with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and insurance. Let's have a conversation together. Please don't talk at me. - @mindy_bartleson (tweet)

Q8: Don't generalize "If you have diabetes, you worry about such & such" Don't assume you know what I worry about or struggle w/ #notmytype - @KarenBittrSweet (tweet)

#NotMyType Q9- DOs- be respectful. Ask questions. DON'Ts- judge. Make jokes. - @mindy_bartleson (tweet)

A9: Don't allow diabetes to be the only thing you talk about. There's more to life than that. #notmytype - @mydiabeticheart (tweet)

Please be sure to explore the Storify archive to catch all of the tweets from #NotMyType! Many thanks to the Novo Nordisk team and bloggers, Kelly Close and Phyllisa Deroze!

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