Shared Value Leadership Summit #3 on's 2016 Most Innovative Conferences

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Shared Value Leadership Summit #3 on's 2016 Most Innovative Conferences

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See why @SVInitiative #SVLeaders got the #3 spot on @Inc 2016 Most Innovative Conferences!
Monday, January 9, 2017 - 6:00pm

Most conferences follow a familiar formula – keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities… Not exactly a hotbed of innovation.

Until now. The Shared Value Initiative is thrilled to share that the 2016 Shared Value Leadership Summit landed the #3 spot on’s 10 Most Innovative Conferences of 2016.

What makes the Summit so innovative? We’re glad you asked.

  • Plenary discussions not plenary keynotes. Instead of being talked at the audience gets to hear cross-sector leaders speak candidly with each other about the necessary ingredients to create the conditions for shared value initiatives to thrive; how to engage employees throughout a company; and what challenges they’ve encountered along the way that leave them important insights and lessons learned.
  • Hands-on lab sessions put you to work. Each lab session is designed for maximum attendee engagement – you’ll be whiteboarding, sharing out insights and engaging in lively discussions that give you actionable ideas to bring back to the office. Even better – we crowdsource the lab topics and co-create the agenda with lab leaders, ensuring that attendees are learning what’s most important to them and their day to day work.
  • Partnerships are built at the Summit. Attendees are impressed by the broad cross section of attendees we bring together  – corporate leaders, civil society actors, senior level practitioners who are implementing programs and many more important stakeholders in the value chain. In 2017 we are introducing the NEW Partnership Marketplace! Think intimate, issue-focused discussions – global health, women & girls, access to education etc. – with anchor companies looking for the partners who will push their shared value initiatives ahead.

There’s more but you should see for yourself. Register today for the Summit to take advantage of our lowest rates before they expire on January 31. Ready to be on the Summit stage? We’re still accepting applications for our popular Storyteller sessions and our hands-on lab sessions.


"When it comes to driving social change, the folks behind the Shared Value Leadership Summit are on top of their game. Over 400 leaders in a variety of fields unite to design innovative business strategies that can make big money and positively impact the world. This conference provides unique opportunities to connect with influential people, build new partnerships, and take on projects with social purpose."

About the Shared Value Leadership Summit

Hosted on May 9-10, 2017 in New York, the seventh annual Shared Value Leadership Summit will focus on building a shared value ecosystem of cross-sector partners and tangible opportunities for collaboration, gathering hundreds of senior leaders in candid dialogues and unique networking opportunities that don’t happen anywhere else. For innovative organizations, it’s the prime destination to hear from inspiring leaders, showcase forward-thinking strategies, reach influencers, find partners, and advance the field.