Strategic Approaches to Global Supplier Engagement

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Strategic Approaches to Global Supplier Engagement

How to build an effective supply chain compliance program

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Strategic Approaches to Global Supplier Engagement. How to build an effective supply chain compliance program.
Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - 6:55pm

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The demand for supply chain transparency is ever-increasing. Both consumers and supply chain regulations are putting pressure on global brands to disclose how their products are made and where their products originate. Now, more than ever before, brands need to know what is happening deep in their supply chain by engaging with their suppliers.

However, supplier engagement is not as easy as it sounds. Communicating with the entire supply chain requires companies first to understand who are the key contacts for each supply chain tier and identify the optimal language for communication. Source Intelligence, a supply chain transparency platform, stated that initially cleaning supplier data is one of the most important aspects of supply chain tracing, but can be a time-consuming process. As key supplier contacts are identified, data collection can begin. However, with multiple supply chain regulations and initiatives, suppliers can become bombarded with similar but different requests and eventually reach fatigue. If a company does not consolidate their supplier communications or utilize a platform that easily shows what supplier data has been completed, engaged suppliers and supplier responses could start to decline.

If you manage the collection and verification of supplier data for supply chain compliance initiatives, sign up for the webinar next week with Source Intelligence. Supplier engagement expert, Shanel Orton, will present on the benefits of proactively engaging with your supply chain, strategies for obtaining and verifying supplier data efficiently and how to partner data collection from multi-regulatory campaigns to combat supplier fatigue.

Save your seat for Combating Supplier Fatigue: Strategic Approaches to Global Supplier Engagement, June 2, 10 am PST.