Weekly Highlights April 4,2013

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Weekly Highlights April 4,2013
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Friday, April 5, 2013 - 10:15am

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Human Rights and Corporate Ethics in the Spotlight
Many multinationals have adopted simple or comprehensive codes of conduct to guide management and rank and file.  The important subject of “human rights” is regularly included.  What are human rights to the corporation?  How does a manager apply the code to local situations?  How are companies being held accountable for human rights shortfalls or violations? (We are now seeing shareowner interests tieing effective governance to human rights policies, practices and behaviors).  Our top story is about Business Codes and Human Rights and the multiparty codes that have emerged over the past four decades.  Good, brief wrap up on the topic.

Top Stories of the Week

Human Rights in the Global Business Ethics Codes
(Tuesday - April 02, 2013) Associated Profiles : United Nations International Labour Organization 
Source: - International organizations, such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Health Organization and the îInternational Labour Organizationî, have drafted...

Sustainability in Focus

6 Reasons Your Sustainability Innovation Is Failing    
(Wednesday - April 03, 2013)
Source: Environmental Leader - And here is the question I’m wrestling with: why is innovation not getting us closer to global sustainability? Climate change, water scarcity, and biodiversity loss—for all the brilliant advances in “green” processes, products...

The Evolving Field of Sustainability      
(Wednesday - April 03, 2013)
Source: Triple Pundit - New scientific knowledge combined with increasing demand for more responsible products and services are the main drivers of change in the field of sustainability, according to Tim Greiner, Managing Partner and Co-founder of...

Sustainability importance expands      
(Tuesday - April 02, 2013)
Source: American - Since the 1950s, the old-fashion notion of “conservation” has expanded to be called “sustainability” and has become the buzzword synonymous with grand visions of environmental responsibility and lifestyle.

Collaboration key in the future of sustainability      
(Monday - April 01, 2013)
Source: Sustainable Business Oregon - The future of sustainability, as both a commercial and practical concept, depends largely on businesses’ abilities to work with each other .And if responses to a question about the field’s evolution during a March 8 Portland...

The 5 Commandments of Product Sustainability      
(Monday - April 01, 2013)
Source: Environmental Leader - Products are undoubtedly the best medium for companies to both manage their sustainability performance from within their own organization and from without. Products are the avatars that encapsulate a business’ sense of social and...

What's the word? It's not 'sustainability,' sector leaders contend      
(Wednesday - March 27, 2013)
Source: - One of Friday’s two Focus sections, in the Portland Business Journal, will feature a bevy of information about the sustainability world.

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