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SHQ Highlights August 20, 2013
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 5:15pm

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Top Story of the Week

Do Investors Care About Corporate Sustainability? We hear this  from corporate managers…investors don’t ask about our sustainability efforts…  No, they may not ask about “sustainability,” but they do ask about a lot of corporate strategies and actions related to climate change (and disclosure), reduced waste streams, increasing use of renewable energy, wastewater and water consumption, supply chain issues, and more.  “Sustainability” or “ESG factors” may not be the right terminology to use. Anyway, check out the top story – every three years Accenture and United Nations link up to survey 1,000 CEOs and interview dozens on the questions such as “do you think your share price currently includes any value directly related to sustainability?”

Answers may surprise you – or not.  The final results will be unveiled this September at the UN Global Compact leadership meetings in New York City.  It’s clear:  more linkage is necessary between various ESG performance factors, and corporate sustainability efforts…and the C-suite leadership.  Is it mis-match on  terminology, perhaps?

Engaging Investors in Sustainability: a Silver Bullet or a Thankless Task?      
(Thursday - August 15, 2013)
Source: - Once every three years, Accenture joins forces with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) to conduct the most comprehensive global study in existence on corporate views on sustainability. In addition to in-depth interviews...

Sustainability in Focus

What does 'the end of the suburbs' mean for sustainability?      
(Friday - August 16, 2013)
Source: - Have we reached "peak suburbs"? In her new book, The End of the Suburbs, Fortune magazine editor Leigh Gallagher argues that powerful social, economic, environmental and demographic forces are converging to end a half-century of...

Understanding sustainability East and West      
(Friday - August 16, 2013) Associated Profiles : Carbon Disclosure Project
Source: Eco-business - So, sustainable development in Asia is about investment, infrastructure, and industrialization to create jobs and growth, which will give the poor a way out of poverty. It is also about creating community services...

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