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SHQ Highlights July 25, 2013
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Monday, July 29, 2013 - 4:45pm

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Top Story of the Week

UN Global Compact Expels 99 Companies in First Half of 2013     
(Tuesday - July 09, 2013) Associated Profiles : UN - Global Compact
Source: UN Global Compact - New York– The UN Global Compact has announced that it has expelled 99 companies in the first half of 2013 for failure to communicate progress for at least two consecutive years. These expelled companies represent three percent of...

Sustainability in Focus

2013 SRI & Sustainability Survey Results      
(Friday - July 12, 2013)
Source: Mondovisione - Thomson Reuters and the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) announced the results of the 11th annual Thomson Reuters Extel/UKSIF SRI & Sustainability Survey at an event hosted by FTSE Group in Canary Wharf...

Feeding a Growing World Sustainably and Nutritiously     
(Wednesday - July 10, 2013) Associated Profiles : World Economic Forum
Source: - Few human experiences are as universal as the need for food. Ensuring people have enough to eat is the foundation for good health and economic prosperity. Today, almost a billion people are chronically...

The Surprising Economics of Sustainability       
(Wednesday - July 10, 2013)
Source: Huff Post - One finding in a recent Office Depot survey of small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and environmental sustainability was strange: 66% of SMBs said they were not going greener, often due to concerns about costs, and 34% were...

Africa: Addressing Social, Economic Inequalities Crucial to Achieve Sustainability - UN Officials      
(Wednesday - July 10, 2013)
Source: All Africa - Senior United Nations officials today emphasized that the international community must tackle social and economic inequalities between regions and within countries, adding that this is crucial to achieve sustainability and avert...

Will New York's Sustainability Program Survive Bloomberg's Mayoralty?      
(Tuesday - July 09, 2013)
Source: Huff Post - In the twelfth year of his three terms in office, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is characteristically trying to avoid the typical trap of the "lame duck" and is leaving an agenda that his successors will be compelled to address..

Should supply or demand drive sustainable products?      
(Monday - July 08, 2013)
Source: GreenBiz - Given the lack of momentum on the global sustainability agenda in recent years, an atmosphere of mutual frustration between various levels of society is understandable. If nothing else, it inclines some to ask: Who do we turn to....

Efforts on to adopt sustainability code in tea industry
(Monday - July 08, 2013)
Source: The Hindu - The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), along with two other bodies, is spearheading a move to evolve a sustainability code for the Indian tea industry to benchmark it against international practices. IDH is a body which gets...

How 'extended' sustainability leadership will change the system      
(Wednesday - July 03, 2013)
Source: Greenbiz - Last month saw the publication of "Changing Tack," a report that is the final output of The Regeneration Roadmap, a project undertaken during the last 18 months by GlobeScan and SustainAbility to assess progress on sustainable...

ESG Issues & Players

If you care about the environment, you should welcome natural gas fracking      
(Wednesday - July 10, 2013)
Source: - Shale gas is reshaping America's economy, environment and politics in still surprising ways. It was an unpredicted phenomenon, but shale gas, now more than a decade old, accounts for 40% of the natural gas in the US. The success...

Hurricanes Likely to Get Stronger & More Frequent: Study     
(Tuesday - July 09, 2013)
Source: Climate Central - Hurricanes are Mother Nature’s largest and most destructive storms. Fed by warm ocean waters and moist atmospheric conditions, about 90 such storms — also known as tropical cyclones — form worldwide each year. With the population...

Robert A.G. Monks, Crusading Against Corporate Excess   
(Tuesday - July 09, 2013)
Source: New York Times - AT age 79, many people who can afford to do so are done working. Not Robert A. G. Monks. He is still hard at work, trying to change corporate America. A Boston Brahmin who has been a corporate lawyer, venture capitalist, energy...

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