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SHQ Highlights June 6, 2013
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Friday, June 7, 2013 - 4:10pm

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Top Stories of the Week

Encouraging More Companies to Report Their Sustainability Performance   
(Wednesday - June 05, 2013)
Source: Triple Pundit - We were recently invited by our friends at Trucost to moderate a webinar. Our shared goal was to encourage more companies to start reporting their sustainability performance. You can download the webinar from the Trucost site...

Sustainability in Focus

A More Accurate Pulse on Sustainability      
(Thursday - June 06, 2013)
Source: World Bank - Today, the World Bank published the ANS indicator for more than 200 countries in the Little Green Data Book, the World Bank’s annual compilation of environment data. Also known as genuine savings, ANS monitors whether depletion...

Sustainability: An Investment Perspective    
(Wednesday - June 05, 2013)
Source: CFA Institute - The notion of socially responsible investing (SRI) has been with us in some form for a very long time, but as a professional category of investing, it has faced challenges of definition, not least because social responsibility is...

Financial Services Still Aren’t Trying Hard Enough to Embrace Sustainability   
(Tuesday - June 04, 2013)
Source: Triple Pundit - Sustainability is a word that is not often associated with financial services. Today, words with a negative connotation, such as greed and hubris, seem more closely aligned with this sector. What is the likelihood of this...

Beyond G4: Connecting The Dots on Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure Practices   
(Tuesday - June 04, 2013) Associated Profiles : UN - Global Reporting Initiative GRI
Source:  CSR Wire - There are also questions about the accuracy and completeness of the data reported and its relevance to financial performance ... could devalue sustainability and reduce it to a narrow set of indicators within an annual...

12 takeaways on the future of sustainable business    
(Tuesday - June 04, 2013)
Source: - Each year, the World Environment Center’s member companies assemble to discuss our common needs and opportunities to build more sustainable businesses. We’ve just finished our latest get-together in Washington, D.C., and we’d...

The pain and pleasure of sustainability reporting      
(Monday - June 03, 2013)
Source: Green Biz - Whew! Another EMC sustainability report out the door, much to our relief. If you haven't produced a sustainability report, you should know that it's hard. Harder than you can imagine. And totally worth it.

ESG Issues & Players

Corporate Governance in the UK and Europe: Purpose and Perspectives   
(Tuesday - June 04, 2013)
Source: Who's Who Legal - It is not so very long since the subject of corporate governance was a minority interest one: recognized within the investment, legal and academic fields but not much further. The global financial crisis and the ensuing spotlight...

Proposed fracking rules put nation’s drinking water at risk   
(Tuesday - June 04, 2013)
Source: The Hill - In a move its predecessor would be proud of, the Obama administration has bowed to industry pressure and proposed rules on hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” on public lands that put the nation’s water supply at risk of...

The Fingerprints of Climate Change on Two Extreme Natural Disasters   
(Monday - June 03, 2013) Associated Profiles: MapleCroft
Source:  Environmental Graffiti - Extenuating drought was present both in the Sahel crisis and in Haiti this summer. Last year, the risk analysis firm Maplecroft identified Haiti as the world’s most vulnerable nation to climate...

Asset Managers, US Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds

Dodd-Frank Reforms May Take Years to Implement   
(Thursday - June 06, 2013)
Source: Fox Business - The Dodd-Frank financial reform law could take years to implement as regulators bicker over how to interpret the legislation nearly three years after it was enacted, a top regulatory official tells the FOX Business Network.

New York City pension fund opposing Wal-Mart board   
(Thursday - June 06, 2013)
Source: CBS News - The New York City Pension Funds plans to vote against nine of Wal-Mart's 14 board nominees at the retailer's annual shareholder meeting Friday. City Comptroller John Liu's office oversees the fund. He said Wednesday the fund is...

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