Weekly Highlights March 14,2013

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Weekly Highlights March 14,2013
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Friday, March 15, 2013 - 10:40am

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Top Stories of the Week

US SIF Statement on Shareholder Resolutions and Corporate Responsibility      
(Friday - March 08, 2013)
Source: US SIF - The 2013 US corporate annual meeting season is underway. Over the next several months, several thousand publicly traded companies will hold their annual meetings, and their owners—the shareholders—will be asked to approve slates...

Sustainability in Focus

Sustainability 'crucial for oil industry growth'      
(Monday - March 11, 2013)
Source: Trade - Sustainability should form the bed-rock of growth for the region's oil and gas industry, said a leading minister at the opening of a major oil & gas event which opened in Bahrain on Sunday.

The 4 biggest barriers to corporate sustainability   
(Friday - March 08, 2013)
Source: GreenBiz - Implementing corporate environmental sustainability strategies is increasingly becoming standard practice. More than 300 firms on the S&P 500 index, for example, report their greenhouse gas inventories each year to the Carbon...

Making Sustainability an Office Priority       
(Friday - March 08, 2013)
Source: Huff Post - Lately, I've been reflecting on my career and its course over the last 20 years as I attempt to flesh out the framework for a practitioner's handbook on how to integrate sustainability objectives into business and corporate...

The new language of sustainability: Risk and resilience       
(Thursday - March 07, 2013)
Source: Green Biz - Sustainability has become a major business buzzword in recent years, but for many, it's still viewed as a philanthropic initiative, disconnected from a company's core goals, or even a burden that competes with other strategic...

Sustainability Indicator: 4 Superdomes of Gas      
(Thursday - March 07, 2013)
Source: Bloomberg - Today's sustainability indicator, 4, is the number of times you could fill the New Orleans Superdome with the gasoline wasted each year by U.S. commuters stuck in traffic. Congestion generates 380 pounds of carbon dioxide...

Introducing: The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2013      
(Thursday - March 07, 2013) Associated Profiles : UN - Principles for Responsible Investing PRI
- Blue & Green Tomorrow - After speaking to the likes of Penny Shepherd at UKSIF and James Gifford at the UN Backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the thing that becomes abundantly...

Review: Governance, Democracy and Sustainable Development      
(Wednesday - March 06, 2013)
Source: James McRitchie, - The subtitle of the book edited by James Meadowcroft, Oluf Langhelle and Audun Ruud is Governance, Moving Beyond the Impasse. Progress on important issues such as climate change, biodiversity, sustainable management of lands and...

Utility Sustainability Practices Leading to Better Bottom Lines     
(Wednesday - March 06, 2013)
Source: Energy Biz - Companies that practice sustainability may be getting good PR. But they are also achieving better returns for their investors. That’s the conclusion of one utility analytics firm that says the best managers are the ones who are...

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