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Monday, January 14, 2013 - 10:15am

Living sustainably can be tricky. Those on a quest to do so often have to consider complicated questions, and answers may be tough to find: Is "all-natural" really good for me? Am I investing in companies that have worthy social goals? Was this T-shirt made in a factory that requires safe working conditions?

According to new Cone research, eighty-six percent of consumers wish companies would tell them more about the results of corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, yet less than 40 percent know where to find this information. Eco-minded consumers are often forced to trust on-package CSR claims, or face sifting through large amounts of online data to inform their decisions. Not anymore.

The tide toward transparency is accelerating, and one start-up is riding the wave. Oroeco is a still-in-development mobile app that will help socially- and environmentally-conscious users make responsible purchasing, investment and work choices, "balancing personal values with everyday life."

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