‘Transformative Power of Transparency’ Tops on New GRI Chief’s

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‘Transformative Power of Transparency’ Tops on New GRI Chief’s

By Dave Armon, 3BL Media CMO
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‘Transformative Power of Transparency’ Tops on New GRI Chief’s Agenda

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 12:35pm



Unlike another world leader who is one month into his new job, Tim Mohin has heralded his new administration at GRI by kicking off a global listening tour.

A veteran sustainability officer at tech giants like AMD, Apple and Intel, Mohin has yet to issue any sweeping executive orders.  He took his roadshow to Phoenix this week for the “GRI Reporters’ Summit” and received input from companies using the Global Reporting Initiative’s standards to keep stakeholders briefed on environmental, social and governance issues.

“I know that reporting can be a positive force for change,” said Mohin, who also worked as a section chief for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency earlier in his career. “I believe in the transformative power of transparency.”

Amsterdam-based GRI is used by nearly three quarters of all companies issuing sustainability reports.  Yet the 20-year-old nonprofit faces new entrants proposing alternative reporting models.

During his first public speech since being selected as GRI’s CEO, Mohin acknowledged a “fragmented and burdensome” collection of reporting methodologies -- characterizing it as a “confusing morass” – and vowed to work toward “harmonizing all of the frameworks.”

GRI took one step in that direction last fall by pledging to work with the United Nations Global Compact to shape public reporting of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

“We have companies today with revenues larger than the GDP of some countries,” Mohin said, adding that reporting is one tangible way the private sector can demonstrate progress in sustainable development.

Among goals outlined by Mohin during his session was improved use of technology in sustainability reporting, allowing consumers to access data in formats beyond PDFs.

“What are we getting for our massive investment in time?” he asked, pledging to work toward answering the question.

Mohin, who spoke ahead of the annual GreenBiz Forum for sustainability officers in Phoenix, said companies should be guided by the four Cs of reporting: concise, consistent, comparable and current.

Check back later this week for additional updates from the GreenBiz event.