Turning Around the Energy Crisis

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Turning Around the Energy Crisis

by Maximilian Martin
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - 12:30pm


“An exciting, original approach how we can fast track the green economy and green finance by combining opportunity and responsibility in new compelling ways.”

—Terry Tamminen, Former Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency and Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

If we strip away the alarmism about a world polluted beyond redemption and a global civilization in catastrophic decline, the transformational new insight the simulation model in Limits to Growth offered in 1972 was this: how can a population can adjust to its habitat’s ultimate carrying capacity, given finite resources?

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Maximilian Martin is the Founder and CEO of Impact Economy. His investment and advisory work has helped define the trajectory of market-based solutions and the impact revolution in finance, business and philanthropy. Dr. Martin created Europe’s first global philanthropic services and impact investing department for UBS and the UBS Philanthropy Forum. In 2013, he wrote the primer on impact investing “Status of the Social Impact Investing Market” for the UK G8 policy makers’ conference. His new book “Building the Impact Economy” shows how to reconcile responsibility with opportunity and seize the multitrillion-dollar opportunity in the wings.

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