UniCredit Integrated Report Details the Group’s Sustainable Value Creation

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UniCredit Integrated Report Details the Group’s Sustainable Value Creation

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Friday, June 24, 2016 - 4:00am

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The Integrated Report details UniCredit’s commitment to generating value over time, illustrating its efforts to be an effective and efficient Group. The Report presents a comprehensive account of the financial and sustainable performance of the Company. In particular, it describes the actions undertaken consistently with UniCredit’s purpose: bringing prosperity to individuals, enterprises and communities.

UniCredit Integrated Report highlights:

  • Profile: UniCredit is a leading European commercial bank operating in 17 countries with more than 143,000 employees, over 7,800 branches, and an international network spanning some 50 markets. It is committed to supporting the growth of the countries in which it operates, providing distinctive assets through the implementation of a sustainable approach driving business activities.
  • Value creation over time: UniCredit considers sustainability to be an integral part of its business strategy and believes that the most important contribution to sustainable development is to be an effective, efficient and profitable Group. Being sustainable is dependent on a solid value chain, which includes the careful management of different kinds of capital – Financial, Human, Intellectual, Social and Relationship, and Natural. These are fundamental to UniCredit’s business model, influence the quality of the products and services provided and have a positive impact on society and the environment as a whole.
  • Business environment: UniCredit is closely tied to the lifeblood of many national economies, and it recognizes that it has the responsibility to stimulate economic growth that is both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.
  • Sustainable strategy: UniCredit’s strategy aims for a rock-solid, profitable bank that is able to generate sustainable value, maintain a strong balance sheet and support the prosperity of the territories in which it operates. In pursuing this aim, UniCredit continues to make careful use of the different types of capital and to consider the ways in which they are interconnected. In so doing, UniCredit has the objective of creating value not only for the Group, but also for all stakeholders, communities and society as a whole. 
    • as a further example of how integrated thinking affects the organization’s ability to create value over time, three Case Studies have been developed to show connectivity, using specific metrics to illustrate the links and relationships between our various capitals
  • Capitals: in the process of creating value at UniCredit, different kinds of capital are carefully managed in order to increase and reinforce them over time (Financial capital, Human capital, Intellectual capital, Social and Relationship capital and Natural capital)

Measuring the impact created is vital to bringing focus to these issues and enables to better assess the progress made on countries’ key priorities, which include increasing humanity’s well-being, ensuring environmental sustainability and helping communities to prosper.

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