United Nations Takes Over Social Media with #ShareHumanity Campaign

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United Nations Takes Over Social Media with #ShareHumanity Campaign

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United Nations Takes over Social Media with #ShareHumanity Campaign http://bit.ly/1WJCK6Q via @Cone
Monday, August 24, 2015 - 10:15am

Millennials, more than the average American, see social media as an avenue for change. With nearly three-quarters of Millennials saying they use social media as a platform to talk about issues they care about (vs. 52% U.S. average), this audience is primed to participate and raise awareness online. So how do you motivate millions of Millennials to take online action? Ask them to participate in a simple and turnkey activation to promote stories of humanity.

In honor of World Humanitarian Day, the United Nations asked young people worldwide to do one easy thing: share a story that matters. The #ShareHumanity campaign urged participants to "donate" their social media feeds (Facebook or Twitter) to distribute one of the many powerful stories of humanitarian efforts across the globe. Those who wanted to get involved visited the World Humanitarian Day website, chose one of 17 different accounts of humanitarian activism in countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone and allowed an app to automatically post to the users' social media pages.

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