Urban Park Brings Fun for Kids

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Urban Park Brings Fun for Kids

The recently unveiled Benito Juarez Park in Maywood, CA, was partially funded by a $50,000 Edison International grant.

A three-headed dragon playground created by Jolino Beserra is the centerpiece of the Benito Juarez Park.

Kids enjoy a game of soccer on the field at the Benito Juarez Park.

The park includes a sandbox, climbing playground, skate park and soccer field.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 7:15pm

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The community of Maywood in southeast Los Angeles is the most densely populated city west of the Mississippi River. Homes are built very close together and kids have little room to play. But the landscape is changing as one of three vacant lots was recently transformed into a pocket park.

“This park was born out of the idea that kids need a place to play outdoors, be healthy and experience nature,” said Gina Fromer, California director of the Trust for Public Land, a nonprofit that helps protect land to provide healthy, livable communities.

Maywood is small. The city is one square mile with nearly 50,000 residents who are primarily moderate- to low-income families. Safe areas for kids to play outdoors are scarce.

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