VIDEO | Tackling Climate Change Through the Circular Economy

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VIDEO | Tackling Climate Change Through the Circular Economy

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WATCH: Maria Mendiluce, Managing Director @WBCSD, outline the #circulareconomy and discuss the importance of #InternationalWomensDay18 @TEDx
Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 2:35pm

In recent months, we’ve seen hurricanes in the United States that caused $300 billion in economic losses, floods in India that caused dozens of deaths and destructive wildfires in Iberia and California. This is what the world looks like after a temperature increase of 1°C - can you imagine what it will look like after 3°C?

The circular economy is one of the solutions, and it’s everyone’s business. Watch Maria Mendiluce, Managing Director at WBCSD, outline the circular economy and the action that business can take in her speech at TEDxDonauinsel.

Listen to Maria's speech as a podcast on our Panorama iTunes channel

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