Volunteers Help Monitor Recovery of Catalina Island Reef

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Volunteers Help Monitor Recovery of Catalina Island Reef

Edison International employees suit up in scuba gear to survey marine life at Casino Point Reef.

To monitor the health of Casino Point Reef, divers count marine life and measure kelp and algae growth.

The Casino Point Reef is home to many species, including California’s state fish, the Garibaldi.

The Catalina Casino has been an entertainment destination on Catalina Island since 1929.

Edison volunteers – including employees and their families – gathered on Catalina Island for a dive with Reef Check.

Visibility is excellent at the Casino Point cold water reef.

The reef was damaged in 2014 by violent storms. Frequent monitoring of the ecosystem helps to track its recovery.

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There are many ways to experience California’s beauty: a hike in the mountains, a stroll along the beach. Or, if you’re willing to squeeze into a wet suit, a dive underwater. There, you can explore the colorful ecosystems of rocky reefs and kelp forests.

Like coral reefs worldwide, California’s rocky reefs have been diminished by human activity and oceanic events. Add the effects of last year’s winter windstorms and Catalina Island’s Casino Point Reef isn’t in the best of health. Enter Reef Check, a nonprofit dedicated to saving reefs worldwide, and a longtime partner of Edison International.

Recently, volunteers from Edison International, parent company of Southern California Edison, suited up in scuba gear to participate in the last of four marine life surveys at Casino Point Reef this year.

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