Where Will the Trump Administration and Congress Focus Their Infrastructure Efforts?

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Where Will the Trump Administration and Congress Focus Their Infrastructure Efforts?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 4:05pm

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Originally posted on Bloomberg.com.

Understanding and addressing the needs of U.S. infrastructure requires the bridging of old and new—the upkeep of an expansive and aging infrastructure and the implementation of new technologies that allow infrastructure to become smarter and more sustainable. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson—along with other state and federal experts—joined Bloomberg Government to discuss where the Trump Administration and Congress should focus their infrastructure efforts.

Featured Conversation: Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

Secretary Johnson addressed the change in administration and the uncertainty that comes along with new leadership. He stated “one of the things I hope and expect will be accepted as doctrine by the next administration… is the importance of infrastructure investment and infrastructure security.”

While Secretary Johnson didn’t disclose his plans following the administration change on January 20th, he closed out the panel stating “I look forward to being an anonymous private citizen again.”

Other highlights reported by Bloomberg News’ Nafeesa Syeed and Michael McKee:

  • “At some point” representatives from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team will show up at Homeland Security’s offices, Secretary Jeh Johnson says at Bloomberg Government event in Washington
  • 90% of government work proceeds unaffected by changes in the White House: Johnson
  • Johnson says he isn’t sure where President-elect Trump gets his estimate of 2-3 mln criminals who are illegal immigrants
  • Important to build ties, not villify, communities who can help prevent domestic terrorists, Johnson says, including Muslim communities

National Priorities for U.S. Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that our infrastructure deficit is $1.2 trillion. Panelists addressed the need for a long-term, sustained funding solution, as well as the role of public-private partnerships. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser reiterated that the metro is her top infrastructure priority– “We have a metro system that needs a lot of tender love and care. It needs serious thought about how we change its future from a safety, reliability and funding source.”

Smart. Safe. Sustainable. The Future of Infrastructure

With quickly evolving advancements in connected technologies, data science and artificial intelligence, American cities are poised to build smarter infrastructure that enables tighter and more useful connections and services. Industry experts joined state and federal officials to discuss the biggest areas of opportunity for the implementation of new connective technologies, and the results that some cities have already seen.

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