White House Targets Financial Disclosure of Climate Risk

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White House Targets Financial Disclosure of Climate Risk

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Monday, November 14, 2016 - 4:45am

Originally posted in the Washington Examiner.

A White House climate official is scheduled to speak Monday about a new plan to disclose the financial risk associated with climate change, following work with a Group of 20 task force.

Ali Zaidi, associate director for natural resources, energy and science at the Office of Management and Budget, is scheduled to speak at the Atlantic Council following a meeting of the G-20 Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure. The task force is planning to recommend voluntary measures for companies to disclose climate-related financial risk to consumers and investors.

Joining Zaidi will be Mary Schapiro, the former chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are set to discuss the Obama administration's use of regulations to make disclosure of financial risk more prevalent and how talking about the risks of climate change could affect companies' financial situations.​

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