Why Infrastructure Building in Developing Nations Must Start with Solar

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Why Infrastructure Building in Developing Nations Must Start with Solar

By Jonathan Deesing
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Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 12:30pm


The question of energy efficiency is ever-pressing, especially as it relates to infrastructure growth in developing nations. In fact, so much attention has been given to this topic that the International Solar Alliance recently invited 120 countries to support the expansion of solar technologies in the Global South. As leaders of these countries look to invest in and support this solar initiative, onlookers may be wondering about the logic behind that emphasis — why is solar power the most effective way to start building the infrastructure of developing countries?

1. Low Installation Costs

One of the main reasons to emphasize solar power growth in developing countries is its affordability. Building out an infrastructure in rural communities is an expensive endeavor, and supporters are often looking for the most cost-effective methods to bring power to underdeveloped areas.

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Jonathan Deesing is a Solar Power Specialist with SolarPowerAuthority.com. When he's not studying up on new solar tech, you can find him in the backcountry putting it to the test. 

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