Xylem Watermark & Project 24 : Warung Bingung, Indonesia

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Xylem Watermark & Project 24 : Warung Bingung, Indonesia

Xylem Watermark supported Planet Water Foundation and Project 24 to bring clean water to thousands of people across five countries including Cambodia, Colombia, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines in 24 hours

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Xylem Watermark sponsored 6 projects as part of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24, an ambitious undertaking on World Water Day, to build 24 clean water filtration systems (AquaTowers) in 24 communities across five countries; Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Colombia - in just 24 hours. These projects reached a total of 6,000 people including the 2,739 children who attend the participating schools. 27 Xylem volunteers assisted in the construction of the community-based water systems, which will bring clean water to the world's most disadvantaged communities.

Monday, May 1, 2017 - 8:05am

Project 24: Warung Bingung, INDONESIA 

SDN 04 Sukahurip and SDN Sukahurip 03 is a combination of two schools located in Warung Bingung Village, where the local villagers make a living as grocers, agricultural laborers, and by selling cakes. The source of water for the school comes from a well, while the water sources in the community come from wells and rivers that are next to the homes in the village, which are used for washing dishes, bathing, along with washing vegetables and fish. Due to a lack of knowledge around water-health and hygiene, many problems such as skin disease and diarrhea often occur.

This school is in dire need of access to clean water as the well water is very salty and contaminated. To meet the needs for drinking and cooking, some residents look to the school to provide access for this, whch the new AquaTower will now provide.

"Hopefully, with access to clean water in the school, students can learn and focus on being a healthy and smart generation.” 
- Ram Ram M.mPD, School Headmaster

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