4 Ways Businesses Can Be Year-Round LGBTQ Supporters

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4 Ways Businesses Can Be Year-Round LGBTQ Supporters

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4 tips on how your company can continue support this #PrideMonth for the #LGBTQIA community: http://bit.ly/2rEoAbw

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Friday, June 16, 2017 - 4:20pm


Consumers increasingly want companies to address issues active in the news, with nearly two-thirds of respondents citing LGBTQ rights as an issue they would like to see as a top business advocacy priority.

Pride Month is a time when a historically marginalized community’s voice takes center stage, in the hopes of finding common ground with opposition, promoting educated dialogue and celebrating progress. This Pride Month, several companies are standing out by supporting the LGBTQ community in a genuine way.  Here are four tips to authentically take part in the conversation:

1.Elevate Community VoicesSpotify announced the creation of a Pride Hub dedicated to featuring LGBTQ talent. Being an ally is all about listening and having empathy; Spotify saw an authentic tie to this within what their business provides and is helping their listeners easily find examples of queer culture they can support via this initiative. 

2.Get Informed & Start a Discussion: Equinox, a brand known for their luxury gym and fitness clubs, did it right this month by partnering with the LGBT Community Center to produce a colorful, poignant film that hits on important pillars within the community: The LGBTQAlphabet. This video and the sentiment behind it prove the brand wants to engage community members and allies in a conversation that is both inclusive and educated. Beyond the video, Equinox is hosting events around the country to celebrate LGBTQ members and their loved ones.  

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