After Eight Years in Foster Care, Young Girl Finally Gets Forever Family

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After Eight Years in Foster Care, Young Girl Finally Gets Forever Family

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10-year-old Erianna celebrates birthday and #adoption finalization with her #foreverfamily @DTFA #FosterCareAdoption

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 10:00am


Imagine spending your entire young life in foster care. From birth until age 8, Erianna was moved 12 times to different foster homes. It wasn’t until she met her adoptive parents that she finally had the stability she deserved.

Now she is celebrating her 10th birthday and adoption finalization with her forever family. These are the stories the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption loves to hear. Children, who by no fault of their own, are placed in foster care finally getting the loving, permanent home they deserve.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has one mission: to dramatically increase the number of adoptions from foster care. Our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program gives funds to adoption agencies to hire specially-trainined adoption recruiters whose sole mission is to find stable, loving, adoptive homes for children waiting in foster care.

Our work is far from over. There are more than 110,000 children waiting to be adopted who deserve our best efforts, our time and our compassion.

Consider joining our team and supporting the mission to help children like Erianna. Visit to learn more.


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