Brown-Forman Executive Leadership Explores Nuances Around Non-Drinking

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Brown-Forman Executive Leadership Explores Nuances Around Non-Drinking

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Unique EE Resource Group and Leadership @Brown_Forman ensures the choice not to drink. #responsibility #alcohol
Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 3:30pm

SPIRIT (Showing Pride in Respecting Individual Tastes) is a unique ERG dedicated to supporting Brown-Forman's commitment to creating an environment where all employees and guests feel welcome, regardless of their own choice of whether or not to drink. As well as being a sincere expression of our corporate value of respect for all individuals, SPIRIT helps non-drinkers feel included, helps Brown-Forman to recruit and retain talented individuals who might choose not to drink, helps our brands to connect with consumers through non-alcoholic beverages, and helps make the decision not to drink comfortable and acceptable for anyone.

SPIRIT held a panel discussion with members of the executive leadership team during fiscal 2015 exploring the nuance around not drinking, ensuring that employees feel comfortable making their own choices and affirming that a decision not to drink will not adversely affect their career.

Keywords: Diversity & Inclusion | Brown-Forman | EE Resource Group | Responsible Business & Employee Engagement