CCSR Conference 2012 - Canada Perspective

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CCSR Conference 2012 - Canada Perspective

The 5th annual Corporate and Community Social Responsibility (CCSR) Conference will be held on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 at Algonquin College in Ottawa to celebrate and showcase excellence in CCSR.

Vision - to be recognized as the leading conference on corporate and community social responsibility in Canada by connecting like-minded people wishing to share their knowledge, experience and passion in creating shared value.


  • Doing More With Less - How to Capitalize on Shifting Boundaries in Corporate Responsibility  more
  • Leadership and Climate Change – The Frog in the Hot Water Effect
  • The Power of Consumers to Drive Sustainability & Create Impact
  • Changing Relationships - Corporate, Community, & Youth Innovative Engagement Models
  • Doing well by Doing Good
  • New Priorities- Managing Sustainability in the Electrical Industry
  • Changing Investment Landscape - Impact Investing Innovations
  • Empowering Change - Harnessing the Power of the Millennial Generation


  • Co-Creating the Ottawa Centre Eco-District
  • “Good Business Makes a Social Difference: Findings from Corporate Experience”
  • "Business, Government and Communities - Partnerships for Shared Value"
  • Building the pan-Canadian research agenda in support of the health of our military, Veterans and their families
  • Catalyzing Individual, Family & Business Action on the Environment
  • The Natural Step Canada

Youth Social Enterprise Showcase and Awards

  • Youth Social Entrepreneur awards
  • Lizards' Den Participant Recognition and Award Presentation

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Content from this campaign

// Hydro Ottawa’s Brighter Tomorrows Fund
There is an invisible current running throughout the city of Ottawa that contributes to the renewal of its most valuable resource – the citizens of the community. It is a quietly powerful by-product of Hydro Ottawa, the third largest municipally-owned electrical utility in Ontario. The Brighter Tomorrows...
Oct 29, 2012 11:45 PM ET
// Social Entrepreneurship: “Air Miles for Social Change”
Andreas Souvaliotis, one of Canada’s most successful social entrepreneurs was the founder and CEO of the world’s first national incentive program for environmentally responsible and healthy lifestyles. Andreas  lived a remarkable journey and is incredibly passionate about changing the world – without sacrifice! In anticipation of his keynote address at this year’s...
Oct 29, 2012 11:30 PM ET
Hydro Ottawa's Sustainability - Molded by Pioneers
While Hydro Ottawa has grown to be Ontario’s third-...
Oct 23, 2012 5:45 PM ET
// Street Kids International - Collaboration is Key
David Pell, President of Street Kids International, states that to avoid chronic high levels of youth unemployment, civil society organizations (e.g. Non Governmental Organizations – NGOs), the private sector, and governments must learn how to work collaboratively.   Youth unemployment is a serious global issue. Among many other problems, youth unemployment can cause social...
Oct 16, 2012 7:30 PM ET
// Tom Rand on Leadership and Climate Change
According to Tom Rand, Managing Director at MaRS Cleantech Fund and author of “Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit”, we now have no choice but to rapidly “de-carbon” our economy. “This is the global, industrial economy’s end-game,” he says, adding that paring down on our carbon diet will be the most difficult thing modern humankind has ever...
Oct 13, 2012 12:00 AM ET