Duke Energy In Action Month

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Duke Energy In Action Month

Our purpose at Duke Energy is to power the lives of our customers and the vitality of our communities. For more than 100 years, Duke Energy has proudly served our communities through charitable giving and employee volunteerism. This passion for giving back is part of our legacy and who we are as a company. During May, we are celebrating Duke Energy In Action Month. Throughout the month, our employees will be volunteering at a diverse group of nonprofit partners in the communities we serve. When our communities succeed, we succeed.

Content from this campaign

Duke Energy Florida Employees Host 62 Community Activities in May 2018
May is Duke Energy in Action volunteer month. In 2018, Duke Energy Florida introduced its “31x31: Championing 62 Causes in May” program. Our employees hosted 62 community employee engagement activities during the 31 days in the month of May. Employees participated in a wide variety of events while partnering with local non-profit or community organizations.
Jul 5, 2018 2:00 PM ET
Duke Energy Partners with Indiana Schoolchildren to Build Rain and Butterfly Gardens at Floyd County Park
About 30 volunteers from Duke Energy paired with Floyd County third- and fourth-graders to create rain and butterfly gardens at Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park, Floyd County’s new 35-acre park.
Jul 3, 2018 12:20 PM ET
[INFOGRAPHIC] Duke Energy In Action Month Volunteers Impact Communities in 2018
These are just a few of the numbers that showcase the impact of Duke Energy In Action Month. This year, we had a record-breaking month, with a 92% increase in the number of volunteers and a 95% increase in the number of hours logged. An annual initiative during the month of May, Duke Energy In Action Month mobilizes employees across our service footprint to volunteer their time in the...
Jul 2, 2018 12:00 PM ET
How Sea Oats Make Beautiful Beaches Possible
As enchanting as coastal sea oats look, their golden tassels dancing in the ocean breeze from Florida’s Panhandle to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, what lies hidden beneath the sand is even more magical. The roots of this dainty-looking grass extend as deep as 5 feet below the surface, and literally anchor the dunes in place. For the fragile barrier islands, sea oats are the first...
May 16, 2018 11:00 AM ET
How Hope, Dreams are Improving Charlotte Neighborhood
In a cozy room filled with windows, books and cheerful posters, two kindergartners practice letter sounds by playing a picture game on a carpet mat. A few doors down, third-graders sit in rapt attention – hands rising rapidly to answer questions – while their teacher talks about the primary colors in famous abstract art. Another door opens to a science lesson where children happily bang...
May 8, 2018 12:30 PM ET