Nutrition Health and Wellness

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Nutrition Health and Wellness

At Nestlé, our goal is to be the recognized leader in Nutrition Health & Wellness. We believe that the enjoyment of food and beverages is harmoniously linked to life and living at its best. We are committed to offering products that nourish your body, raise your spirits, delight your taste buds, honor the environment and help you celebrate the people you love.

At Nestlé, we recognize three dimensions in Nutrition, Health and Wellness:

  • Pleasure: Winning consumer preferences on taste and pleasure while enhancing the nutritional value of our products.
  • Balance: Encouraging responsible nutrition and moderation and variety of food habits. There is no such thing as bad food.
  • Understanding: Providing clear nutritional advice and information to help consumers make informed choices about their diet and lifestyle.

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WASH Your Hands: How a Simple Well Helps Create a Strong and Healthy Community
Clean water is one of the few things in life that never fails to live up to expectations. It is difficult to overstate the importance of having it. Really difficult. In fact, it's probably impossible. Clean water changes almost everything. Let's start with the obvious things. Having clean water and sanitation means being able to avoid exposure to countless diseases. Every year...
Aug 15, 2017 10:25 AM ET
How Basil is Helping a Community Get Back to Work, Grow Local, and Save Water
You probably cook with basil in your kitchen — for most of us it’s a staple herb, and not something we give much thought to as we chop it up and sprinkle it into our food. For a community in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, basil is more than just a flavor enhancer: it’s a way to reintegrate back into the community, to grow food sustainably, and sell that food locally to chefs at organizations like...
Jun 2, 2017 8:05 AM ET
#WorldMilkDay Highlights the Benefits of Dairy
While dairy products are naturally rich in calcium among other vitamins and minerals, they can be fortified to deliver even more nutrition that individuals and families in certain parts of the world may be lacking. Affordable dairy products can also help address local micronutrient deficiencies, particularly in developing countries. Nutrition knowledge and fortified milk products are...
Jun 1, 2017 8:30 AM ET
3 Organizations Fighting Hunger Year-Round
The holidays have a way of making us slow down and appreciate our blessings. Here at Nestle, it’s no different. Each of us is taking a breath and thinking about the many things in our own lives that we’re thankful for. One thing that we all have in common is our appreciation for working with incredible nonprofits on community food security this year. Here are just three of the great...
Dec 7, 2016 9:45 AM ET
When Cheese isn’t Cheese
We all want to enjoy food that tastes great. Ask any American what their favorite food is, chances are they’ll tell you something delicious… but not necessarily healthy. Pizza, for example, is one of America’s favorite foods — ...
Dec 6, 2016 11:45 AM ET