De Beers Employees Do Battle to Highlight Teamwork

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De Beers Employees Do Battle to Highlight Teamwork

Namdeb, De Beers’ partnership venture with the Government of the Republic of Namibia, has highlighted the value of teamwork among its employees

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Friday, April 14, 2017 - 8:00am

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The company has hosted its Interdepartmental Games in March with the main aim of promoting employee wellbeing and morale.

Namdeb employees and contractors formed teams to compete against each other in sporting activities such as seven-a-side soccer, netball, volleyball, cricket and a tug of war plus fun races including rope skipping, potato-on-spoon and three-legged races.

The events, watch by a total of about 450 people, took place at Oranjemund Cricket Club on 4 March for employees from Namdeb’s Orange River and Southern Coastal Mines teams, and a week later at Lüderitz Sports Field for the Northern Coastal Mines (NCM) teams.

The Oranjemund event kicked off with a dancing performance by women from Namdeb’s Sorthouse who became the ‘Namdeb Cheerleaders’. The Lüderitz games began with a ‘Harlem shake mixed with a dub and mannequin challenge’ performance by the NCM dance group.

Namdeb Brand Manager Pauline Thomas said: “The games were held in high spirits throughout, with friendly competition between different Namdeb departments. Partnerships are central to our success, and partnerships within our teams are equally important.”

More Interdepartmental Games are planned for June and October.

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