A Different Language

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A Different Language

Tony Wittkowski
Friday, January 8, 2016 - 4:10pm

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BENTON HARBOR - Graham Forsey has an extraordinary background to say the least.

The 22-year-old has lived in St. Joseph for just over a year, having grown up in Canada. He lived in New York before then, does the occasional mountain biking and serves as a business systems analyst for the world's leading company in home appliances - Whirlpool Corp. in Benton Harbor.

Forsey was also born deaf. 

Raised in Newfoundland - a small island on the eastern side of Canada - Forsey began to learn the English language under his parents' tutelage. His mother, an elementary school teacher, and father, who worked in the finance department for the provincial government, ensured he would get a proper education.

"I was struggling with English growing up and falling behind," Forsey said. "Hearing people learn their language by being submerged in it. I didn't have that option."

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