Digital Strategy for Good: Avoiding Cause Marketing Missteps [NEW NFG GUIDE]

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Digital Strategy for Good: Avoiding Cause Marketing Missteps [NEW NFG GUIDE]

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Network for Good eGuide: 5 Trends

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 5:15pm

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By Kate Olsen

Today, Network for Good releases a new eGuide for corporations – Digital Strategy for Good: Avoiding Cause Marketing Missteps - 5 Cause KeyTrends.  In this eGuide, Network for Good provides an overview of 5 cause marketing trends shaping digital consumer engagement and provides interesting examples of how brands are putting them into practice to win the hearts of their consumers. 

Trends to Watch:

1.    Crowdsourced Philanthropy   

2.    (Digital) Action Campaigns     

3.    Issue Awareness Campaigns

4.    Cause Affinity Platforms                     

5.    Social Enterprise Spinoffs      

Have you noticed how noisy it is out there in marketing land?  If your ears are buzzing from the cacophony, come join us over here in consumer engagement land – it’s much more exciting and fun!

Today, consumers expect more than mass-market brand messages and actively silence digital “noise” that doesn’t speak to them as individuals or invite them to co-create your brand’s identity through participatory marketing.

Not sure what I mean by participatory marketing?  Think digital engagement through social media and new technology that allows you to have conversations and build relationships with your consumers.  The key is to understand what your consumers care about and tap into their passions, hopes and dreams.

Cause marketing is a good way to do just that.  Download our new eGuide to find out how you can understand and adapt the latest trends in cause marketing to deepen your relationships with consumers. (And find out how Network for Good can help you do it.)

Regardless of which cause marketing trend fits your consumer engagement goals, the recipe for success is clear: start with an authentic cause partnership, set meaningful social impact and business goals, add a compelling call to action, layer in relevant social sharing and co-create a thoughtful conversation with your consumers about the collective impact you are making.

Are you ready to transform your cause marketing and win the hearts of your consumers?


Download Network for Good’s new cause marketing eGuide now!