A Family’s Loss Spurs Renewed Sense of Purpose in Adoption

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A Family’s Loss Spurs Renewed Sense of Purpose in Adoption

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“Ava brought a color, spirit and light to our lives..." http://bit.ly/2qNYWo2 @DTFA #FosterCareAdoption #ItsWorthIt
Monday, June 12, 2017 - 10:00am


Little Ava Rain is celebrating her third birthday with a permanent, loving family and to see the look on all their faces, you’d never know that they all had their own set of challenges to get to this place.

When Mandy lost her first daughter, she was left with a hole in her heart. Her young son wanted a sibling, and Mandy and her husband knew that they had room in their heart and home for more children. They started to do their research into adoption and learned more about foster care adoption.

Ava came into their home when she was just four days old. Three years later they are celebrating each day with smiles, love, laughter and hope.

Mandy’s message to any family looking to learn more about foster care adoption is to never give up hope. “Ava brought a color, spirit and light to our lives that we never could have predicted,” Mandy said.

There are more than 110,000 children in the United States waiting to be adopted from foster care. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption provides funds to adoption agencies that hire specially-trained adoption recruiters whose sole mission is to find adoptive homes for those waiting children. Our recruiters focus on the need of each individual child to find the right adoptive family for them.

Please consider helping us fulfill our mission of a loving home for every waiting child. #FosterCareAdoption #ItsWorthIt

Your donation can help find forever families for children in foster care. Click here to learn more.

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