"Got Your 6": A Model for Coalition CSR

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"Got Your 6": A Model for Coalition CSR

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 5:30pm

CAMPAIGN: CSR & Social Media


By Kate Olsen

In military parlance, “Got Your 6” means “I’ve got your back.”

This Memorial Day, I draw your attention to a unique collaboration in the entertainment industry, which truly has the back of veterans.  The Got Your 6 campaign aims to advance the successful reintegration of the more than 1 million veterans returning back into civilian life over the next five years.  As Got Your 6 asserts: “In order to best inspire these individuals to success, the campaign works to ensure that they return home as civic assets and leaders who will reinvigorate our communities.”

The Got Your 6 campaign is run by an independent entertainment industry steering committee with one representative from every major studio, broadcast network, cable group, talent agency, and guild. The campaign is housed at the 501(c)(3) organization ServiceNation, an agent of the steering committee charged with the fiscal oversight, planning, management, and support of the campaign.  I encourage you to visit the Got Your 6 website to explore how this campaign came together.  It’s remarkable to see the conversation being cultivated across a disparate group of partners in a compelling, relevant and actionable way.

In order to set up military veterans for success in civilian life, the Got Your 6 campaign focuses on the six pillars of reintegration and has recruited respected organization in each pillar to lead a network of  partners all working together to solve a common goal.

Jobs–U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program

Education–Student Veterans of America & The Pat Tillman Foundation

Housing–The 100,000 Homes Campaign

Health–Give An Hour™

Family–Blue Star Families & the Military Child Education Coalition

Leadership–The Mission Continues


Why this initiative is set-up for success:

  • A clearly established common goal that is measurable and relevant to all stakeholders
  • A thoughtful approach to partnership around key pillars with well-defined leadership and accountability
  • A ladder of engagement options from small digital actions (watch a video) to longer-term commitments (help veterans with job prep) to build relationships with supporters
  • Digital and social outreach and awareness that maps to real world events and opportunities
  • Authentic celebrity involvement with TV and film storyline integration, PSAs and awareness building activities 


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