Location! Location! Location! Geography as Cause Marketing Selling Point

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Location! Location! Location! Geography as Cause Marketing Selling Point

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Macy's Brasil cause campaign

Monday, July 30, 2012 - 5:45pm

CAMPAIGN: Cause Marketing Blog Posts


By Kate Olsen

One of the four tenets of cause marketing is that you need a selling point (the others are suitability, authenticity, and transparency).  I’ve seen selling points that incorporated color (think pink New Balance sneakers for breast cancer awareness), funny (did you see Will Farrell’s line of sunblock benefitting Cancer for College?), and sustainability (Levi’s does a great job showcasing water savings through the Water>LESS jeans line), but never geography.  Hats off to Macy’s for creating a compelling cause marketing campaign that entices shoppers with dreams of travel to exotic Brazil.

Macy’s summer marketing platform, entitled “Brasil: A Magical Journey” (‘s’ intentional), leveraged the allure of Brazil to create a rich consumer experience in-stores and online.  A cause program was but one element of a marketing blitz that included in-store and online events and a multi-faceted marketing approach, complete with augmented reality.


Want to learn how the campaign works? Read on, via CompaniesforGood.org